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شرکت تعاوني کشاورزي مرغداران گوشتي استان قم
سایت: http://www.qompoultry.com ایمیل: info@qompoultry.com

company profile:
established in 1981
initial capital: 1115 $ US
Amount of capital is now up to 3500000 $ US which is 30000 times more than initial capital. this increase happened in 28 years.Total capital circulation per year:315000000 $ US Initial member count: 28 poultry farmers
member count is now increased to 367 poultry farmers.
Registered properties and trade values is now up to 14000000 $ US.
Winning award of best corporation in Iran in 2008.

Events and investments:
Educational courses and seminars were held to upgrade technical knowledge of members.
Industrial poultry slaughterhouse ‘Baharan’ with a capacity of 6000 slaughters per hour was established. 45% of its stake is owned by us and the rest is at hand of private owners.
Our magazine ‘sanaat toyur qom’ was published for information and training purposes.
The company website ‘www.qompoultry.com’ was established for stronger communication possibilities.
Poultry hospital was established. This is the first hospital of its kind in country. The hospital has clinic, pharmacy and laboratory wards. poultry and animal feed factory was established.

Poultry and animal feed factory
-The factory is set to establish in 3 phases.
-Phase I: Producing 45000 tonnes of pellet meal and poultry meal concentrates per year.
-Phase II: producing 60000 tonnes of pellet meal and poultry meal concentrates which is due to be inaugurated by June 2010. Machinery and equipment are currently being installed.
-Phase III: installing metal tower silos to increase storage capacity of raw materials up to 10600 tonnes and increasing storage area up to 4000 square meters.

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